Bamboo Has been on Earth for millions of years !!

We had enough of this NonSense of bamboo being invasive: read what follows and build your own culture.

Bamboo is invasive only if it is planted in your backyard or garden and only if it is a bamboo runner.

It can spread as quickly as it grows, and it does not respect fences or property lines. Moreover, those bamboo runner rhizomes will take over anything, including merging roots with other plants, making it almost impossible to have them eliminated from your backyard or garden.

Nurseries in America have been selling these runners for a long time, without letting customers know what they should do and how they should plant them.

Therefore, unless you are an AG sector expert, you should not plant a bamboo runner in your backyard or garden!

💥 As for clumping bamboo, no one really cares about it because it will not spread.💥

In large farming fields, and with the help of our experts, anyone can plant any kind of bamboo. If you want bamboo runners, you need to have a perimetral trench 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep in case you have no RIVERS or COMPACT roads. This is necessary so you can limit the expansion of Bamboo Runners (the PHYLLOSTACHYS bamboo family).

The AG Department granted OnlyMoso the honor to be the FIRST company, in Florida and in the USA, to have the permit to plant Phyllostachys bamboo runners.

Bamboo has been in America for millions of years, and, unfortunately, the only Continent that has no bamboo is Europe because of the last Ice Age, which occurred 10,000 years ago.

Finally, the entire planet is growing bamboo, and this is the right time to start preventing sending billions of dollars to Asia.< By doing that, we may even improve our trade imbalance.