The First Commercial Bamboo Shoot Packing House in the United States – OnlyMoso Harvest

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Since the beginning of our Mother company (OnlyMOSO USA, INC) in 2015, we’ve had many U.S. Farmers join our mission, which is to produce the best and freshest bamboo shoots for the American food industry. Our farmers are working hard to produce our first-ever harvest of US-grown bamboo shoots to sell in markets across America! Thanks to their help, you can expect to see our shoots in stores this 2021!

These gourmet shoots are a low calorie, high fiber, vegan, gluten-free, and nutrient-rich vegetable that can be easily used in almost any recipe! We’ve seen (and tasted) them in recipes for stir-fry, salad, pasta, pesto, dip, breadsticks, pizza, and even cookies. Yes, you read correctly, even cookies (they were delicious)! But, don’t think you have to use them in a recipe. They are just as simply delicious boiled (like corn) and served with rice. Don’t need to eat them right away? Not a problem. Once boiled, the bamboo shoots can be stored in jars or pickled for later enjoyment!

Since shoots are the first crops harvested from bamboo, our first step at OnlyMoso Harvest is to establish the gourmet bamboo shoots for food. In the near future, we will be expanding to a multitude of markets that will benefit from our Culms/Canes!

At OnlyMoso Harvest, maintaining our U.S. farmer partner alliance is a top priority. All of our commercial bamboo Research & Development (provided by our Mother company, OnlyMOSO) is done to benefit our U.S. farmers, to assist them in establishing legacy-sustainable bamboo farms. Then, these wonderful farmers help support our mission: to produce the best and freshest bamboo shoot crops for food (and in the future, 1500+ various products and applications). Stay tuned for more good things from our company!

Looking to join our U.S. Farmer Alliance or become a Buyer/Seller/Distributor of fresh bamboo shoots? Look no further than OnlyMoso Harvest!