At OnlyMoso USA, we firmly believe that great accomplishments are often the result of strong partnerships. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to our esteemed collaborators who share our commitment to advancing bamboo innovation in the United States. Together, we are pushing the boundaries and fostering a greener future.
🎋 Agro-Bamboo 🌾
Located in South Florida, our partnership with Argo-Bamboo exemplifies our dedication to excellence. By combining their expertise in bamboo cultivation and our innovative approach, we’re working towards maximizing the potential of bamboo. Agro-Bamboo’s focus is on providing the highest quality service in bamboo plantation installation & management.
🌱 Alabamboo 🍃
Alabamboo’s mission is to provide landowners, developers and investors with opportunities to use commercial crops and agricultural innovations in order to break into a new market. Alabamboo assists interested bamboo farmers with planting and management in Alabama.
🌾 Southeastern Bamboo 🌿
In partnership with Southeastern Bamboo, OnlyMoso has the ability to supply high-quality bamboo mother plants to much of the east coast. Serving as not only one of our partner nurseries but assisting interested growers in the planting process of their fields. Southeastern Bamboo proudly partners with us from North Carolina.
🌳 Agristarts 🌱
Our collaboration with Agristarts is at the forefront of bamboo genetics and propagation. By combining their expertise in plant tissue culture with our vision for sustainable bamboo forests, we’re striving to develop bamboo varieties that are not only more robust but also better suited to various climates and ecosystems.
Stay tuned for updates on our collaborative projects. Together, we’re not only stronger but also actively shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

Bamboo, a remarkable plant known for its strength and versatility, has been utilized by humans for countless purposes throughout history. This captivating video showcases the fascinating process of harvesting and processing bamboo, revealing its journey from a lush field to becoming a valuable resource.

The video begins with scenes of bamboo fields, where the tall and slender stalks sway gracefully in the wind. These fields are carefully managed to ensure sustainable growth and to maintain the health of the bamboo ecosystem. Workers, equipped with the knowledge and expertise passed down through generations, meticulously select mature bamboo shoots for harvesting.

Next, the video takes us to the harvesting process itself. With precision and skill, the workers use traditional tools to cut the bamboo stalks, ensuring minimal waste and maximum utilization.

The harvested bamboo is then transported to the first bamboo processing facility in the United States, OnlyMoso Harvest, where it undergoes various stages to transform it into a versatile material. In the processing area, the bamboo stalks are carefully cleaned and stripped of their outer layers. This reveals the smooth, sturdy inner core that is ideal for a wide range of applications.

The video showcases the workers’ dedication and attention to detail as they prepare the bamboo for its next destination. The final step in this extraordinary journey is the packing of the processed bamboo shoots into sturdy boxes. The workers expertly arrange the shoots, ensuring they are well-protected and ready for their global journey. These boxes become carriers of not only the bamboo shoots but also the story of resilience and the countless possibilities that bamboo offers to our world.

Throughout the video, the underlying message is clear: bamboo represents a commitment to a greener future. Its rapid growth, minimal environmental impact, and diverse applications make it a valuable resource for various industries, including construction, furniture, paper, textiles, and more.

This awe-inspiring video captures the essence of bamboo’s journey, from a lush field to a versatile resource that benefits people and the planet. Let’s celebrate the incredible potential that bamboo holds, not just as a material but as a symbol of our commitment to a greener future!

Interested in embarking on your own bamboo journey, contact a member of our team today! Call (877)340-6755 or send us an email to [email protected]

The bamboo season is in full swing, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! From the planting of new fields to the bountiful harvest of our current partners, there’s so much happening in the world of bamboo.
Join us as we celebrate this sustainable and versatile resource that holds immense potential. With its rapid growth and countless applications, bamboo is a game-changer for eco-conscious individuals and businesses alike. 🌎🌿 We’re proud to collaborate with our incredible partners who have dedicated themselves to cultivating and harvesting high-quality bamboo.
Together, we’re shaping a greener future and creating sustainable solutions for a better world. 🤝💚
🎋 Discover the wonders of bamboo today! Contact a member of our team today to learn more! Call (877)340-6755 or send us an email to [email protected]🌿✨
🌾 Stay tuned for more updates from our bamboo season as we continue to make strides in this sustainable journey. Together, let’s embrace the beauty of bamboo and promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Join us in building an asset that _grows_ with you!
For the eighth season in a row since our launch in 2016, we are supplying our bamboo farmer partners with tons of mother plants.
Our revolutionary packing house is the *first of its kind in America*. Production of bamboo shoots will transform into premium commodities across multiple sectors, making this a superfood you can’t ignore!
**Why New Bamboo?** 🤔
– Lifespan between 60 to 120 years, yielding multiple harvests 🌱🌳
– Always in high demand with no saturation for 4 to 5 generations 💹
Are you an investor, farmer, or landowner? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in the future! To learn more, call +1 (954) 530-3385 📞 or email us at [email protected] 📧. We are always looking for new business partners throughout the United States. 🇺🇸🤝

Looking for a more sustainable way to use plastic components?

At Alternative Bamboo Commodities (ABC), we combine natural fibers and plastic or resin to make eco-friendly products – Bamboo Bioplastics.

Our bamboo timber products are designed not only with long-term sustainability in mind but also as an opportunity for companies to significantly decrease their waste output.

With our Bamboo Bioplastic components, you can reduce your carbon footprint and improve your overall environmental impact! Plus, our sustainable product is just as durable and cost-effective as traditional plastics.

Try out one of our test samples today to see how ABC’s bamboo bioplastics can help you reach your sustainability goals!

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Commercial Bamboo Farming plays an essential role in growing the bamboo industry! OnlyMoso offers two separate partner programs. Each program is associated with a different species and ideal environmental conditions.

Our Farmer Partner Program is made up of three parts:
1.Provide access to large quantities of bamboo mother plants
2.Provide support and guidance for growing bamboo
3.Providing a 10–20-year crop buyback agreement

Give us a call today to learn about the program best for you!

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Join the OnlyMoso USA Farmer Partner Program! We’re leading the US bamboo market growth in all areas of the industry, providing farmers with an opportunity to diversify their crops and increase their profits.

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Our business recently relocated to a new office, and we couldn’t be more excited! This change has represented a new development for OnlyMoso and has given us a chance to expand our team and reach new heights!

We are excited to begin operations in our new location and continuing serving our clients and the needs of our growing business!

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