How to contain commercial bamboo

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“How Do You Contain Commercial Bamboo?

Onlymoso utilizes a combination of ditching and barriers where ditching is not possible to keep the root systems within the designated zones. This is effective because Bamboo has a relatively shallow root system and as the rhizome breaches, the sides of the trenches the exposer to air causes the rhizomes to shoot upward and form a cane. These shoots or canes are then harvested to prevent the spread across the trench. In a similar way, the in-ground barriers force the rhizomes to either run along the barrier or shoot upward.

 As for the management of a plantation, the running root system is managed with a combination of mowing and thinning of the above-ground canes and shoots in the early establishment years followed by selective harvesting to maintain walkways and access road for management purposes once the Bamboo reaches maturity.

This management will mostly take place in the early to late spring as the two running pieces that we offer are both temperate spices and do the majority of there above-ground growth during this time.