South West Georgia 11th June 2022; 4 Phyllostachys bamboo farmers sharing experiences with new growers joining soon OnlyMoso and its vision.
We have many new friends in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas! Very well connected in the farming industry. Nice, fair, and honest farmers ( with a lot of positive vibrations ) and all is proceeding smoothly with the new representative network we have had in place since the beginning of 2020.

We are going to experience an even bigger success on the East Coast and in the South for a number of reasons; for Florida, we have surprising news to release soon, stay tuned you may really get greatly surprised.

Roberto is hugging one of the most famous peanut growers in the region and he is finding out that this crop is one of the most subsidized as it only brings $ 200 to $ 400 revenues per acre per year!

OnlyMoso has heavily invested in the East Coast and South, opening a brand new nursery in Clinton NC and opening a brand new enterprise :

We are very much excited as we are closing ties with many different big players all over USA to harvest, process and sell bamboo canes and bamboo timber and its derivates.

Yes, these are very exciting times because on this 7th year, we perfectly know, we have achieved all we promised since 2016 and basically, we have closed the 1st phase/cycle.

Now all becomes repetitive, especially in Florida where since April 2022 we have averagely planted 2 fields per week, for a total so far of 18 new bamboos tropical Dendrocalamus Asper fields!!

Many farmers, are now understanding why they need to follow OnlyMosoUSA procedures and invest in proper steps while planting, and maintaining; this way they will see first harvest on 3rd or 4th year, in comparison to others that after the 7th year still don’t have returns.

Come join our multiple networks, call 954-530-3385 and ask how to become part of this new greenEconomy!