Success all over the board, now also in Alabama, Georgia, NC, SC tens of farmers turning to bamboo planting ( Florida is already a consolidated Success we have to focus somewhere else ).

The keys to success are simple:
-More revenues than any other crop available now in USA.-Cost of maintenance and procedures is much easier than, many other crops.
-No pesticides are needed, only water and fertilizers (more food, more and bigger revenues).
-Water usage is less than many other crops.
-Plant once and make revenues for the next 60 to 100 years.
-The only real Legacy crop as many of our Senior bamboo farmers call it ; these fields will survive also their descents providing a real intergenerational form of income for 3 generations. Better than a trust fund!
– The Only the food industry for bamboo, we talk about $ 500 million per year business only in the USA.
– Only for 3 of the main use (total are 75) of bamboo biochar, we would need 200 factories between America and Europe! -If we consider bamboo for paper and as use for designers, we would need at least 4 million acres!