Finally, after years of MICRO/PROPAGATION, our partners in APOPKA were able to stabilize the production of GIGANTUS ASPER DENDROCALAMUS. This took much longer and was the most difficult than any other tissue culture we worked on.
This may change lots of things. For now, we will offer these marvelous mother plants ONLY to :
a/ our farmers in a good continuous business relationship with our CORPORATE OFFICE for tests;
b/ other new Farmers may have them for free, 10 mother plants of GIGANTUS ASPER per every 5 acres of standards ASPER ordered between 12th October 2022 till March 2023. YES, we still need to produce edible shoots so we need to plant regular Asper.
Also in this case the GIGANTUS ASPER will be for tests.
Payments per each ASPER mother plant, from August, have changed forever to :
c/ $ 24 upfront before planting and $ 10 only ( instead $ 25 ) as deferment payable, spread between Year 3 and year 9 from planting.
GIGANTUS ASPER will be used mainly for TIMBER ( and some of those huge Edible shoots may be tested also for the FOOD Industry, but for this variety, we may pass and use it only on the TIMBER aspect ).
WHOM ever receives GIGANTUS ASPER, in 2022 and 2023 following the above-explained procedures, will always have the RIGHT OF WAY, to buy many more as we increase the production in the next few years for the same GIGANTUS ASPER.
We will never phase out, the regular Asper, as we need to take advantage also and Above all of the bamboo food industry.
With this message, we also wish to OFFICIALLY thank all those Americans also as BAMBOO SOCIETY members, so friendly, that have been sending Bamboo plants to our organization in the past and STILL some are doing so, in order to help our TISSUE CULTURE partner Agristarts INC to become and REMAIN the leading EDGE in this Bamboo Industry we have created in the USA!
The TIMBER BAMBOO INDUSTRY is about to expand and CHANGE, forever in the USA and most likely as OUR NEW FACTORY opens doors for business in South Georgia ( we are very very close ) and because those huge canes with thicker walls ( then in 2 factories will be in South FLORIDA and the n 3 factory will be between LOUSIANA and TEXAS ) we will have many asking for more mother plants.
Some of our BAMBOO FARMER PARTNERS ( especially JACK in BARTOW ) have demonstrated that the REGULAR ASPER was good for the INDUSTRY, with huge plants that have already large canes and thick walls.
But this new BREED, Gigantus Asper, when will be under mass production, within 18 to 24 months, yes it will be a GAME CHANGER !
We take it step by step, no rush on this Gigantus.
Once again pay lots of attention to the LAST COMERS, improvised self-Claimed experts ; there is only ONE and ONE ONLY organization capable to give you such surprises and such PROGRESSIVE VISIONS in this NEW BAMBOO INDUSTRY we have Generated from scraps in USA.
There is only One organization cutting edges and making steps every week in this New Born INDUSTRY, and opening new projects almost every months; there is only one organization progressing and evolving in mass Tissue Culture Production of Bamboo plants, in the AMERICAS and we may say the only one all over the WESTERN WORLD.
There is only one organization opening factories in this newly born industry, in the USA and above all investing all their funds, also by sacrificing all their dividends.
Pay attention to those ones, which only target is only selling plants and have no other assets or concrete Evidence or without any processing facilities !
Check these pics below and check the size and weight of those GIGANTUS ASPER canes ; we believe to be able to harvest 250 kg to 300 kg of canes per each Clump and planting only 200 of those Gigantus motherplant per acre, maybe even less.
We also believe, Revenues at maturity, for this Gigantus Asper, may reach $ 9,000 to $ 11,000 (and up), Gross per acre per season, only from bamboo canes of this type.
There will be many details to explain, please call our Corporate office or email
Call our office and ask for info on these new developments: phone 954 530 3385.
Like always, especially for these new available bamboo mother plants, here is the necessary disclaimer: there are absolutely no guarantees, and results and revenues may vary because of tens of unforeseen factors.
Irrigation and fertilizers procedures have to be strictly followed as our field support managers recommend for years; the same we can say for the application of microelements, and other innovations such as microbial populations in liquid.
Any farmer engaging with our programs must share reports and data as established from the beginning when signing up to join our vision.
Failing not making available those precious data to our field support division, expose them to consequences ; this is why we greatly encourage, any bamboo farmer partner of OnlyMoso Usa corp, in remaining in continuous connection with our field support department.