At OnlyMoso USA, we firmly believe that great accomplishments are often the result of strong partnerships. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to our esteemed collaborators who share our commitment to advancing bamboo innovation in the United States. Together, we are pushing the boundaries and fostering a greener future.
🎋 Agro-Bamboo 🌾
Located in South Florida, our partnership with Argo-Bamboo exemplifies our dedication to excellence. By combining their expertise in bamboo cultivation and our innovative approach, we’re working towards maximizing the potential of bamboo. Agro-Bamboo’s focus is on providing the highest quality service in bamboo plantation installation & management.
🌱 Alabamboo 🍃
Alabamboo’s mission is to provide landowners, developers and investors with opportunities to use commercial crops and agricultural innovations in order to break into a new market. Alabamboo assists interested bamboo farmers with planting and management in Alabama.
🌾 Southeastern Bamboo 🌿
In partnership with Southeastern Bamboo, OnlyMoso has the ability to supply high-quality bamboo mother plants to much of the east coast. Serving as not only one of our partner nurseries but assisting interested growers in the planting process of their fields. Southeastern Bamboo proudly partners with us from North Carolina.
🌳 Agristarts 🌱
Our collaboration with Agristarts is at the forefront of bamboo genetics and propagation. By combining their expertise in plant tissue culture with our vision for sustainable bamboo forests, we’re striving to develop bamboo varieties that are not only more robust but also better suited to various climates and ecosystems.
Stay tuned for updates on our collaborative projects. Together, we’re not only stronger but also actively shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.