The builders of the Bamboo Industry in USA, in summer 2022 have invented an unprecedented unheard structure made of bamboo components ( between 70 % to 80 % are bamboo derivates ) and decided only in March 2023 to go public after protecting this brand and its intellectual properties.

Taking inspiration from both ancient Egyptian Sun God “Ra” and fast-growing Bamboo (“Bú”), RABÚ will be an unprecedented mix with ancient Egyptian and recognizing that Bamboo (BÚ) is humankind’s fastest growing renewable resource – RABÚ has now taken shape as America’s premier sustainable luxury resort brand; boasting facilities constructed predominantly using bamboo plus an environmentally conscious approach ensuring net negative emissions during operation.

Come experience earth-friendly havens at their finest!

The biggest and greatest player in the commercial bamboo industry (solely grown in the United States) is looking for logistics partners (especially in the cold Chain LTL 34 degrees refrigerated integrated logistics area).

Contact our corporate office at (954) 530 3385

One of our best Reps, Calvin Young, showing the “lead by example” nature of OnlyMoso USA!