Mississippi weekend 26th/28th March 2021

A recent field trip to visit Farmer Partners to Jackson, Mississippi, demonstrates the strong commitment OnlyMoso and it’s Farmer Partners have for successfully growing bamboo in the Delta.

After a pause in planting new fields in the region (caused in large part to the pandemic, we tried to enter Lousiana in 2020, but was practically impossible April to July…) and OnlyMoso interest and commitment to work with its existing Growers to understand some of the unique challenges of growing bamboo in this region.

Growing bamboo commercially demonstrates how vital it is to work hand in hand with the Grower. The need for the sharing of knowledge that may only be known by local grower based on his or her longevity in owning and working the land ( his land, its own microclimate and the specific many factors, different in 11 states where we plant ).

OnlyMoso is fortunate to have some of the best Growers in the region, working with us to help establish this crop as a major cash crop!

We recently visited with one of our Commercial Bamboo Farmer Partners that had an exceptionally cold phase recently (worst in 100 years) …  during this time:

  • His bamboo crops were exposed to freezing temperatures for 8 days
  • The tropical bamboo mother plants were exposed to temperatures below 17 degrees F.

What happened?   The Tropical bamboo plants survived and are growing again!!

Check out the GROWTH this commercial bamboo farmer experienced 13 months after planting approximately 7000 plants in Frostproof, FL!

Coming up with the most lucrative uses of bamboo canes!

We sure love working within our communities! Our wonderful Mid West Territory Manager, with the help of our beautiful Blessing Texas Farmers, set up an event within their community to educate their peers on the wonders of bamboo!

The lovely Fuentes Family planted their Tropical bamboo this summer and it’s looking great.

We love our farmer partners and we want you to join our vision too! If you are interested in becoming a commercial bamboo farmer partner please reach out to us!