At OnlyMoso USA, we’re more than just another supplier for your bamboo farming needs; we’re your strategic partner in cultivating success. Here’s why choosing us is the smartest move for your commercial bamboo venture:
✅ Vertically Integrated Excellence:
We stand out in the industry as a vertically integrated operation, which means we control every step of the bamboo production process. From planting the seeds to processing the final products, we maintain a meticulous level of quality and consistency. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your bamboo crops thrive and yield the best results, from nursery to market.

✅ Years of Agricultural Expertise:
With years of experience under our belt, we have honed our skills in providing unparalleled agricultural support to growers like you. We understand the unique challenges of bamboo farming and have the knowledge and resources to help you overcome them. Count on us for guidance, expertise, and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

✅ High-Quality Bamboo Mother Plants:
The foundation of a successful bamboo farm lies in the quality of the mother plants. OnlyMoso USA takes immense pride in offering top-tier bamboo mother plants that serve as the backbone of your bamboo plantation. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to partner with OnlyMoso USA. Reach out to us today to learn more about our bamboo farming program options. Your journey to thriving commercial bamboo farming starts with us!

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Are you ready to be a part of a green revolution? OnlyMoso USA is leading the charge in transforming the bamboo industry, and we want YOU to join us on this exciting journey!

•🎯 Our mission is clear: to revolutionize the way we use bamboo. With years of expertise, a commitment to quality, and a fully integrated system, we’re setting new standards in the sector.

•🪴 Our secret weapon? High-quality bamboo mother plants that ensure the finest bamboo products for a greener world. From construction materials to eco-friendly textiles, bamboo has the potential to reshape industries in an environmentally friendly manner.

Be a part of this incredible journey with us! Whether you’re curious about bamboo farming, want to explore investment opportunities, or simply want to learn more, our dedicated team is here to answer your questions.

nother Satisfied Bamboo Grower in NC! 🌱
OnlyMoso is thrilled to welcome another grower to the bamboo industry in Southeast North Carolina! We are proud to share a glimpse of this partners successful planting, spanning an impressive 5 acres of land.
Southeast North Carolina, offers a favorable climate and fertile soil, providing an ideal environment for cultivating bamboo.
The region’s abundant rainfall and moderate temperatures throughout the year create optimal conditions for the growth and development of bamboo shoots.
As the bamboo plants mature, they will provide a multitude of benefits to the grower and the surrounding community. Bamboo’s rapid growth rate and incredible strength make it an excellent choice for construction, furniture production, and even as a sustainable alternative to traditional hardwoods. Additionally, the bamboo grove will contribute to carbon sequestration, soil erosion prevention, and provide habitat for wildlife.
We congratulate this passionate grower for their commitment to sustainable farming and for joining the thriving bamboo industry in the United States. OnlyMoso remains dedicated to supporting their journey, providing ongoing assistance, and sharing our expertise to ensure their continued success.
Together, we are building a greener future, one bamboo shoot at a time!

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Come back to Mother Agriculture. Come back to the fields!
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When you purchase a piece of land, that will be the most Concrete asset ever, and it will be always there ready to be turned to cash at anytime, if you need.

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With a projected U.S. bamboo shoot demand of over 160 million lbs. annually among Asian Americans, the size of the prize is significant. While 60 million pounds of bamboo shoots are currently being imported into the United States, there is an estimated 100+ million lbs. ($250 million in wholesale value) of demand not being met due to a short supply of bamboo shoots, particularly fresh.

This is illustrated below through 2020. It is expected that the next decade will provide a broader opportunity to impact the health-conscious US American diet, potentially adding another 100+ million lbs. of demand, providing a total longer-term opportunity of 200+ million lbs. with a wholesale value of $500 million.

Join the OnlyMoso USA Farmer Partner Program! We’re leading the US bamboo market growth in all areas of the industry, providing farmers with an opportunity to diversify their crops and increase their profits.

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We reached our goal (and new commercial bamboo record in the United States) … 20,000 tons of harvested bamboo!

We have big goals … if you have been on the fence about commercial bamboo farming – NOW is the time to join us on this amazing journey!

Bamboo fields miraculously recovered from the worst generational freeze in 40 years a

At the end of January 2022 we experienced one of the worst freezes ever… All the Bamboo fields were yellow or at ground ZERO and now look at these pictures!!

We are expecting a lot of commercial bamboo farming growth in Louisiana over the next 3-5 years!