We wanted to confirm we received your request for a brief introductory call! 


We value your time so we will give you the most frequently asked questions and answers in advance. 


OnlyMoso USA Introductory Call FAQ

Question: Who will be calling me?
Answer: Please note calls may not come from our corporate phone number (954)-530-3385.  We have reps in multiple cities that may be calling for your introductory phone call.


Question: Am I obligated to purchase/pay for anything?
Answer: NOT AT ALL! This is a brief informative call to learn about becoming a commercial bamboo farmer partner.


Question: How long with this call last?
Answer: We have allotted times for the call length (some people get the information they need in under 10 minutes- while some spend a considerable more amount of time on the phone with us). The choice is YOURS!!!


We look forward to speaking to you on the date/time you have chosen!   


In the event you change your mind and would no longer like to speak with us on the date/time you have selected – we do ask (as a courtesy) that you cancel/reschedule in the follow-up confirmation email you will be receiving.   We value your time and we also value the time of other potential farmers that want to speak with us! 



OnlyMoso USA