Every part of the OnlyMoso Giant Bamboo has a function and high commercial value!

OnlyMoso USA Opportunities

Find out what we have to offer in our amazing programs

For Farmers & Land Owners

Annual EPI once a full moso bamboo harvest is completed –  12K-22k per acre per year

Annual EPI once a full asper bamboo harvest is completed – 14K- 25K  per acre per year

Currently available:

  • Deferred payment program 
  • Large acre/density discount

For Investors

Fully supported investment programs
Long-term EPI (10-year full harvest profit)
Diversified investment options

For Municipalities

Environmental benefits
-Low maintenance
-Long-term profit
-Turn stagnant soil into dollars!

Take a Look at our Commercial Bamboo Farming Program

OnlyMoso bamboo can yield massive plants in just a few years. Bamboo shoots will start to emerge from the soil in the spring. There are over 1500 different products made from bamboo. Come explore the amazing Moso/Asper Bamboo.

Facts About Moso Bamboo: Is a temperate species of giant timber bamboo native to China and Taiwan and naturalized elsewhere. The Edulis part of the Latin name is a reference to the fact that it produces edible shoots.

  • Uses of Bamboo
    Every part of the OnlyMoso Giant Bamboo has a function and high commercial value.
  • Benefits of Bamboo
    Moso bamboo is indeed a good indicator of quality, and is the most valuable bamboo species.
OnlyMoso offers bamboo plants for clients worldwide who want to benefit from the use of this multi-purpose plant.


OnlyMoso was established in Italy in 2014, and our mission became popular very fast throughout the country.

OnlyMoso Italy currently has over 1,000 farmers/partners and over 4,000 acres of bamboo plantation, and it has already sold out its next 2-year shoot production.

OnlyMoso is committed to educating the US agriculture community on the commercial benefits and advantages of planting bamboo. 

We provide bamboo plants for customers who wish to benefit from this multi-purpose plant.  We can help you learn how to grow, harvest, and profit from OnlyMoso bamboo.

We offer our services in Europe, China, and North America.

Explore the benefits of bamboo and contact OnlyMoso today at (877)340-6755.

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Learn about the different products that are made of this amazing and versatile plant and find out how you can benefit from bamboo in your daily life.

12 Amazing Facts About Bamboo

Video created by Shanti Green online shop

Bamboo: The Miracle Plant

Video created by CarilohaBamboo

Bamboo in Design

Video Created by RobinWilsonHome

Let’s Connect!

Speak with an OnlyMoso representative!  We provide our services in Europe, China, and America. Explore its benefits. Contact OnlyMoso at (877) 340-6755.

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